Little Room Tour


Not only have I just moved. But I am also moving (in 4 months). Where am I moving to? That will be in another post, I guess. Because for now I am just going to show you something I've been wanting to document for quite some time. And that is my room. Well, my old room now. Sad. Incase you are wondering where I am now... I'm back at my parentals house. It's new to me because they rebuilt while I was in college. So at least I'm not in my old room from high school... there is that. It's strange being home, but also relaxing in a weird way. So. Anyway. Back to my room tour! It's gone now and all packed up, so these photos make me sad.

There was a little peek into my life from the past 3 years. So many good times in that apartment and in that room. Lots of changes! :) xoxo

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