January so far.

So its already mid-january. I am behind. Very behind. But its okay because there is something about being at home that is so relaxing. Maybe it's just a coincidence because I've kind of figured out where my life is heading recently... so the stress has lightened a tad. It's a process, I guess.

Tonight the boyfriend and I headed to the galleria so I could buy him a present for helping me move. He really went above and beyond and I am so grateful for his help! I would be crushed under boxes if it weren't for that guy. SO he got some shirts from J Crew because... you know... sale. We both win!

Rolling back to January 2nd... my friend alex had his 24th birthday! At the go kart races! I was the only girl racing those four boys below, and I can safely say that I lost. Big time. I was the only safe driver in that arena, I will tell you. hah! So apparently go karts aren't my thing. I was shaking my fist at this kid in a blue jacket... yea, you know who you are (because he def reads my blog). Afterwards we headed to Yardhouse (after a short sneaky trip into anthropologie) and had yummy drinks and meals! Aioli! Ah! The boys had to stop and look in at the luxury car rental place nearby.
Two Saturday mornings ago, my friend Cassie and I headed to Allen Parkway for a long walk. I don't enjoy running, so a brisk walk was all I could muster! It was worth it though for the nice breeze (and the tacos afterwards). Also, I bought some new books with the boyfriend. He gave me the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy as a post-christmas present hah! I've never read it! This past weekend was a blur thanks to moving and family! My future sister-in-law's bridal shower was Sunday afternoon, and the rest of the weekend was spent packing and moving moving moving. I don't think Ronald wanted me to take my vera bradley bag...

Hope y'all are having a lovely January!


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