Football Injuries and the like.

Lately, I've been:
editing engagement photos,
working on a wedding slideshow,
playing flag football,
getting hit in flag football,
having to go to the dentist because of flag football,
still enjoying flag football,
going to concert (hello, young the giant, i am in love with you),
taking photos that are endlessly awkward with the boyfriend,
eating food-to-go from H-E-B for valentines day (guys, its good though.),
doing face masks with one of my ladies,
trying to figure out travel plans for MAY,
scrapbooking each sunday,
trying to ignore anxiety,
reading too many books,
seriously, too many books.
drinking healthy juices. the boyfriend and i got a free shot of ginger on sunday, and I could feel it all the way down to my toes. the healthy burn.

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