I am moving.

In may, I am moving. Out of town, away from my boyfriend, out on my owwwwwwnnnn! Where am I moving?
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Where is this, you're wondering?

Oh, just New Zealand. (Auckland, to be exact.)


I'll let that sink in for a moment.

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So, I could post like a thousand photos showing how beautiful that country is. But, I'd rather show you my own photos in a couple of months. I won't be there forever, only until fall, but I cannot wait to explore as much as I can. Eep. You guys. I have only ever lived in a flat, not very pretty city. So...you can imagine my excitement.

Anywho, I am moving to do a short film program over there and I am just as equally psyched about that! They have a blossoming film industry going on over there, and I am going to take advantage. The only thing I'm worried about is not wanting to come home! 

So. There's an update on my life. In a little over two months I will be abroad! I am terrified, and excited, and CANNOT WAIT.

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