What I accomplished this month.

Now that we're nearing the end of the month (again), I want to talk about planners. I got this cute black & white planner from target at the end of january. I knew I needed one, but I didn't go out and look. This one was literally left on a shelf in a random aisle that I happened to pass by, and I knew it was waiting for me. Fate. Thank you, planner gods! So I have been making little to-do lists each week and crossing things off as I finish them. This is. so. helpful. I am not Type A at all, but I really do feel so much better when I see a fully checked off list. Don't you? It encourages me to do more and stop procrastinating so much because I hate seeing things on lists! And best of all! It really helps my anxiety levels. Anyway, this also brings up the point that I think its important to recognize the goals you've met, and the ones you haven't. 

So, things I did this month:
-joined a flag football team with a bunch of people I had never met (never thought i would do this)
-shot video at a wedding for the first time with my friend, alex.
-spoke at my grandma's memorial service (she passed away from lung cancer in early january, and we miss her so)
-sent in my student visa application for NEW ZEALAND
-Read ten (month isn't over yet ;) books this month
-took my friend's engagement photos
-went to my favorite band's concert (young the giannnttt)
-uploaded multiple videos to my youtube channel 
-created a slideshow for my brother's wedding

So, most of these are not huge accomplishments but it makes me feel good to write them down and see that I didn't just sit in bed all month doing nothing. It's a start. To next month! 

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