The Boyfriend's Birthday & other things.

The boyfriend turned 24 over the weekend, and I now get to point at him and say "You're old!" for 6 months until I too turn the dreaded 24. He left last Saturday for Big Bend National Park and came back Friday night, so I had a long time to figure out what to get him- and I think I win this year. I think I will save the first part of his gift for a later date- since it hasn't actually happened yet! But, part two was just as good.

I took him to The Melting Pot. And for those of you have been to The Melting Pot, you know what I'm saying. John has never been! So we filled ourselves to the brim last night with fondue after fondue after fondue. Seriously we were stuffed.

Tuesday morning, I got my hair cut! It's a little shorter than intended, and at first I was staring at the mirror and thinking I am too young to have the mom cut. But my lovely hairdresser realized my fears and quickly shaped it back to the younger modern look. HA. I have been reading Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon before bed. Super interesting & I am really enjoying it.

Lastly, look at my lovely new sister-in-law! That was the only picture I took on the wedding day. A nice break for a snap-happy person like me! Now, I'm all caught up on life. Only a month and a week until I fly to NZ! EEP!

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