I'm in New Zealand!

Hopefully by the time this post is up- I'LL BE IN NEW ZEALAND! CRAZY. While I write this, it's saturday night and I still can't wrap my head around the fact that I'll be flying around the world tomorrow. Who am I? Who made these decisions? I feel like I was just along for a ride, even though I technically did all the work. Life is funny that way.

This weekend was lovely. Friday, I was given a lovely photo album from the people I used to work for, and a really really nice card! I will miss them a lot. We went out to dinner to one of my favorite mexican places with the boyfriend and all the friends! It was delicious. Afterwards we went to a bar, and people played jenga and I may have found a psychic jenga block that told me to move to new zealand. Guess I made the right decision! Or I just have naughty friends who graffiti things. Who knows.

I'll will definitely miss the people the most while I'm gone. Although I keep reminding myself that I'm going to be back in a flash.

Anyways. I'm in a new country. Stick around if you want to see me figure out my LIVING SITUATION, and also most likely some BEAUTIFUL scenery. I can't even comprehend what I'm about to see.


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