First day in Auckland!

This is a very surreal experience, you guys.

I am in Auckland, New Zealand. And I am going to stay here for five months.

It's cray.

Anyways. Let's start from the beginning. John came over Sunday morning and we got to have breakfast from whole foods before I left for the airport. I got weirdly emotional when he drove away, which was only weird because I was feeling so calm right up to that point. Then I went through waves of excitement and anxiety, because I have never been away from home for more than three weeks, and I am now moving across the WORLD.

The flight to LAX was not so great. I've had a weird sinus cold thing hanging around & I felt that intense pain in my sinuses when we were landing & I have that sick taste in my mouth still. Blech. But, every day I feel a bit better. We had a five hour layover for the flight to NZ. THE FLIGHT TO AUCKLAND was amazing. Can I just. I can't. Our plane had SMAUG on the side. We rode smaug to middle earth. My heart. Also, we were upgraded to economy premium or something & we got to sit in little pods! It was really nice. Especially because I was worried about freaking out everyone with the incessant blowing of my nose. I worried in vain, per usual. I watched the hobbit & then slept for eight hours, and then woke up and had a nice breakfast while watching catching fire. HOWEVER, they woke us up at 3 AM Auckland time. So. It literally has felt like we've been here for days, and its just now about time for bed. So. Running on nothing, here.

First thing we did was get to our hotel, and shower. Cause hello, after 24 hours of traveling, you are blech. Then we found myself a SIM card for my old iphone. Now I have a functioning iphone in NZ! Yay! We also walked from the hotel to where my school will be to get our bearings. Double check. Next thing was living situation. As you may know if you know me in real life, or have been reading my blog, I do not yet know where I am going to live. I'm shacked up in a hotel with my parents for the time being, but I can't stay here forever! So I texted a bunch of people that i found on cause apparently thats the place to find people. I ended up seeing three separate apartments today. 1 studio apartment, 1 three bedroom apartment, and a 2 bedroom apartment.

I guess you'll find out next time which one i went with! My parents are likening it to house hunters international (which they watch religiously). but literally, thats what i'm doing. its kind of hilarious.


In between viewings, the parents and I wandered down to the viaduct harbour. Twice. Because my dad may be obsessed. On the 2nd round of harbour viewing, I decided maybe he was onto something. Having a mojito and watching the ocean maaaaay just be the most relaxing thing ever.


Stay tuned.


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