Life Pre-New Zealand

Last week was kind of boring. Until Thursday. The boyfriend is in his last couple of weeks of undergraduate schoolwork, so he's piled high in projects & labs & the like. So, I joined some friends on thursday for some outdoor activity. My ex-roommate had a tennis lesson, so Alex and I threw around a football while we waited for it to end. I think I would've been quite successful as a football player if I had not been traumatically scarred from my tooth getting pushed in. ;) After the tennis lesson ended, my ex-roomie joined us and we tried to make up games that included football & tennis. We settled on baseball with tennis rackets. The rest of the night was a hoot & a half. We ended up at our local fav restaurant and drew all over the tables. Bets were won and lost, and there was ketchup on noses, and lots of planning for Easter weekend...

Easter weekend was crazy.

Alex, Andrew, and I had originally planned to do an acupuncture appointment on Saturday morning. But, we chickened out last minute and decided to get breakfast instead... this is where the day got interesting. The boys wanted to do batting cages, and I said sure I'd join. Then we all decided we had to do something we didn't want to do because there's always something someone doesn't want to do, isn't there?

I did not want to do bumper boats. Every time I get in one, it breaks. I don't know if there's a magnet in me somewhere that makes the machine dysfunction... but it always happens. Alex did not want to do DDR. Andrew did not want to jump on trampolines. But we did ALL OF THE THINGS! There will be a video in the future to commemorate this day. And I would like to point out- my bumper boat worked but the water gun did not. So I got soaked because I could not defend myself. I TOLD THEM ALL.

After all of the activites with my brothers from other mothers, I had a wedding to go to! The boyfriend picked me up and we went off to celebrate my friend Alejandro's wedding! It was really lovely, and I'm sad we didn't get a photo with the new groom and bride, but we had to leave a bit early for church! The food and the views, though, were amazing. Along with everything else!

The next morning was Easter! We had all of our family friends over and even my uncle! I love that last photo- they all look like little easter eggs sitting in a row! My mom even made a cake that looked like a peep! We were all very impressed!

Things here in Houston are coming to a close (at least for five months), but I have really been living it up! I love these people & will be happy to return to them when my chapter in NZ comes to a close!


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