Day 2 in New Zealand

Day 2 brought good things. We ran all over Auckland on our first day to find myself a flat. Day 2, I got a flat! Hopefully I don't jinx myself, because I haven't signed the lease yet. I woke up at 6 am (fell asleep at 9 pm on the dot), and chatted with my american people for a bit until 7 am. Then we called the realtor for the flat, who was not quite at work yet. Apparently they don't open until 9 am.

Eventually we talked to the realtor, got things a liiiiitttle bit sorted out, and then started a new adventure!

We took a ferry over to Devonport. Which is beautiful! Auckland reminds me a lot of San Fransisco, and Devonport was very reminiscent of Sausalito (though maybe not quite as posh ;). We had lunch at a cute place called corelli's, where I got a chicken sandwich and the parents got fish & chips. I had a NZ beer, that was actually really good. I don't typically like beer for reference.

After lunch, we immediately headed up Mt. Victoria. BEAUTIFUL VIEWS. I can't even. It was an old military bunker, and they had these mushrooms put all over the top to disguise vents. Very cute.

After Devonport, I was exhausted and we headed back to the hotel. I got to skype with the boyfriend, and then I showered and fell asleep. Jetlag is still kicking my butt.


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