That time I was an extra.


So incredibly busy. In a mostly good way. :) On Thursday, we got an e-mail from one of our teachers saying a popular webseries needed some extras for a party scene. So a couple of us girls signed up! On Friday, my group filmed all the shots for our first short film.  That night I grabbed dinner with my new friend (hey, lady ;) ), and also some bottles of wiiiiinneee... heh. 

REGARDLESS. Saturday came & we woke up and headed out to be extras. If you're interested the web series is here, and it's really hilarious! We were late, and then were put in a little tent in the backyard of someone's home... for ten hours! We were exhausted at the end, but we got to see how a webseries is done- especially in a small area. Very cool. At least it was cool until the heat went away and it started to rain. :) We weren't supposed to take photos on set, but we did get some good selfies... 

I'm looking forward to more fun times with these ladies!


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