Welcome to Windy Wellington

After the waitomo caves & hobbitton, we spent the night in Rotorua (back here). We woke up and walked across the street to Lake Rotorua. Gorgeous views, and you can see all the vapors on the water! The smell leaves a lot to be desired, but man so beautiful! I tried to take a selfie, but people kept walking into my frame. heh.

We jumped in a taxi to go to Rotorua's airport which is legitimately the smallest airport I've ever been to. No security, no lines, nothing. I brought my water bottle & doritos from the hotel and ate them on the plane. So, obviously that is awesome. I had a delicious coffee in the airport cafe (also took major advantage of their wifi), and then we hopped on the short flight to wellington.

We got to Wellington & immediately I was overwhelmed by the views. Seriously, New Zealand. HOW DOES THIS EXIST?! We walked around the waterfront and then ate lunch at wagamama (ramen yummmm!) with amazing views. Afterwards we took a cable car up to the top of the city & walked around the cable car museum. I have photos of that somewhere, but I CANNOT FIND. Anyway.

More to come. :)


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