Update from my new flat!

I am currently sitting in my new flat and I have INTERNET! Thank the internet gods. 

So, let me update you, shall I? I still have a couple of posts about my trip with my parents a couple weeks ago. They left last week and I've been on my own (with no internet) since. School started on Monday and it has been the quickest/longest week. The first weekend alone was strange- not knowing anyone and living alone is a very new experience for me. I think I did pretty well, only getting a liiitttle homesick when I talked to the boyfriend. 

So, I ended up getting a studio apartment by myself because it seemed the best choice out of three. It is expensive, but I'm only here for 4 months so I don't really mind. Also, it's in a safer area of the city which is a big plus. It's actually plenty of room for me, and I quite like it so far! :) THANK GOD. Seriously. It was so stressful not having a place to stay, and now that that's done I'm at peace again.

School has been crazy! We are starting to shoot our first short film next week, and have been brainstorming it already. This course is really hands-on and one of those that just throws you in the deep end before you know how to swim (kind of thing ;)). I LOVE IT. I've learned so much already, and have gotten so excited to create again. The people in the class are awesome as well, which is a huge relief. 

In general, New Zealand is beautiful. I am excited to see more of the outer Auckland area when I'm not in class. The weather here is interesting, it changes so quickly. Also, everyone keeps telling me that it gets so cold here but so far it's been so nice (50s/60s fahrenheit). So, if it just gets a little colder I think I'll survive. Very weird being in fall when I just left spring behind in Houston. When I get home I'm going to take advantage of the heat before fall weather starts again! SO WEIRD. 


More updates coming soon now that I have consistent internet. (YAYAYAYAY)


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