Back in Auckland.

Our first full day back in Auckland was another crazy one. We woke up early to try and meet up with the realtor for my apartment- but it turned out he wasn't free until afternoon. The plus side of being up and running early in the morning was that we saw a graduation parading down Queen street! It seriously makes me wish that I had graduated in Auckland. There were bagpipes and droves of graduates being applauded from all the pedestrians. They had on fur-lined capes that I'm sure signified something cool. It was such a happy occasion that we all just stopped and watched and cheered.

After the graduation, we needed to kill some time. We headed over to Ponsonby Rd to do some shopping & eating. I can't wait to go back to that area- it is so cute. Extremely hipster & awesome. So, obviously, I would live there if I could.

After checking out the flat (FINALLY), we made our way back to viaduct harbour and grabbed some dinner at Wharf. The zucchini fritters were amazing. Amazing.

Wine and the waterfront. What is better?


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