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Living in this city is getting me really in shape. Before I left for Auckland, I was having a lot of trouble with my right calf muscle being weak & hurting a lot. Since I have been here I've only had a twinge or two, and nothing a quick stretch doesn't fix. My flat is literally in a sea of hills- anywhere you want to go up must go up and down a sucky hill. The plus side is that my legs are lookin' great. ;) I have started to adopt the Auckland style of leggings with tennis shoes everyday all day. It is the way to go.

For one of our little group projects we had to document a public place & we chose this old dilapidated theatre thats across the street from a really nice public library. I love the look of it. We even found Brenda a man to hang out with.

A couple Thursdays ago (I know, I'm so behind), a couple of my school friends and I dropped into a place called Cassette 9 off Queen St for a drink after school. I was a little confused because on the menu it said teapots- and lo and behold, they served the drinks in teapots... and shot glasses... A dangerous place! After that we ran down Queen St to the movie theatre to see the new X Men movie. CAN WE TALK ABOUT THAT ENDING THOUGH?!

And last, but not least, I played model for some school friends and pretended to take a selfie. But then I really took a selfie. Because I had to play the part. Yea.



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