Parent's Last Day & Waiheke Island!

On the last day before my parents left me in a foreign country (ha!), we did a city tour and then made our way to Waiheke Island for some vineyard tours. To be honest, I am not a big wino (or I should say- I WASN'T a big wino). But if I were to change my tune anywhere, it would be Waiheke Island. Seriously.

We went to Mudbrick Vineyard, Goldie Vineyard, and Te Whau Vineyard. My favorite wine was probably at Mudbrick- sooooo delicious. Also, I want to get married there. The views are amazeballs. You probably have to reserve a date years in advance, but hey i've got time. Hear that, everyone? Waiheke Island in 5 years? K, cool.


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