Blowhole Caves

During our kayaking adventure, we got to go into a bunch of caves! They were all incredible. The first one was a giant sea cave that may have blown my mind. That 2nd to last photo shows the scale of how large it was (we're in the green kayak!)!

After that we got to go into a blowhole cave, and walk around. It was a nice stretch for our legs and also a good opportunity to take some photos. The water was so clear, it was unbelievable. We couldn't stop looking up and around and down and at everything in general.

Our last moment of the day happened to be the funniest. By this point we had been kayaking for about four hours and our arms were nearly dead. Our guide paddled up to us and very seriously explained how we were going to kayak through a sea cave and unfortunately we'd be paddling into the wind for a bit. At the point we thought we'd been kayaking into the wind so we laughed it off, and began to paddle into the cave.

Well. Turns out paddling into the wind is way harder than it sounded. We got about a foot into the cave and got blown back so that our kayak was stuck between the sides of the cave. Maybe this could have been easily fixed if we weren't deliriously tired. I think our guide was worried because we were laughing so hard that it may have sounded like we were crying. We were stuck there for quite a bit,
but we finally forgoed the kayaking rules of not using your hands to push off of things, and we clambered out of the cave. That last photo is of us victoriously emerging into the wind.

It was quite hard, but a great way to end our kayaking trip.

It turns out that sea kayaking is really fun (despite the intensity of the workout), and I hope to get to do it again!


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