Updating on life in the CBD

Every time I write one of these posts I balk at the time that's passed already. I'm not ready to go home in 7 weeks! Please, new zealand, will you keep me?

I've adjusted pretty well to Auckland CBD life (people keep telling me that living in the CBD is
nothing like living anywhere else in new zealand... they say it like it's a bad thing! but i love city life!). I've found my korean place and my pizza place and my juice place. I've taken to them, so that when I leave I am going to be quite sad. Brenda is mainly fond of Wendy's, so she'll be okay when she leaves.

We've started editing in our course, and it's both fun and exhausting. Hours are spent in little
black rooms in front of a computer screen. It drives us all a bit mad in the end, where pictures like
this are taken and sent to people next door.

I was Art Director for our last short film and we wanted an inspirational poster. Ming is a kid in our class who happens to say the best things. So I quoted him and put it over a photo I took in the Coromandel Peninsula. Looks pretty legit, I think.

The other week I made my friends watch Funny Face for the first time because it's one of my favorite movies. Ever. We used the projector at school and set up a little movie theatre. I think we need more of these nights. I love these people. Kelly serenaded us the other morning and we all took naps in one of the editing suite, because that's what you do in film school. ;)

I love this city.

I don't know how I'll leave.


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