Hahei Beach

On our second day in Coromandel we drove through the mountains. It was basically a one-lane gravel road with no railings, just straight cliffs, and constant turns! BUT, once again I did just fine and actually enjoyed the drive. Meant to be. Our destination was way worth it anyway. We decided to go kayaking at Hahei beach, which was quite worrying because it was in winter!

But the fates smiled on us. The whole drive over was cloudy and gray, and really, really cold. The wind was blowing through my fleece like it wasn't even there. When we parked and said hello to our guide, we found another ten minutes to spare. And suddenly the sun came out & warmed our shivering bones! It made me want to do some yoga...

We climbed into some flattering outfits and took some scenic photos... heh. Then we strapped ourselves into our kayaks and got on our way!

After the first ten minutes or so, my arms started to ache. I started thinking that maybe I couldn't handle sea kayaking because I have limited upper body strength. But, I persevered and after a while my arms felt stronger and more capable (or maybe they just went numb, who knows) and I found myself paddling with no problem at all. The views helped a lot.

Brenda and I researched this kayaking venture beforehand and found some photos of killer whales near kayakers! I am both relieved and disappointed that we didn't get up close and personal with any, but maybe next time! (In one of the photos a kayak was flipped over with a killer whale a couple feet away- CAN YOU IMAGINE THE FEAR?!)

I have so many photos from this day that I've broken it into multiple posts. :)

Thanks for reading!


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