Rangitoto via the iPhone

In the second weekend of June, my friend Brenda and I decided to venture to Rangitoto- one of Auckland's local volcanoes. You can see it in the background of nearly half of my photos. It's pretty prominent. We took a ferry from downtown Auckland to the island. There are no stores on Rangitoto, just hiking trails! We adventured along, and decided to cut down a path to some lava caves. This was probably the coolest (and funniest) thing we did that day. Thank goodness there aren't any real predators in New Zealand because otherwise I was sure some kind of creature was going to get us deep in the caves, where it was pitch black. We only had Brenda's phone lighting our way (mine was busy recording video ;).

As I'm sure you can tell, we made it out alive. We had a bad case of the giggles- I'm glad no one else was down there to hear us struggling. After the lava caves we headed back to the summit trail. It was pretty much steps straight up the mountain. One does not simply walk into mordor, after all (we also found brenda a hobbit hole on the way up). We struggled. But the view was so worth it.

Just look at it.

After our big hike, we had an hour to kill. We settled in near some trees and the ocean and took a nap.

A perfect end to a lovely day. Maybe we are hobbits...


Part two coming soon.

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