Post Production Week

In the week following our shoot, disaster struck. We all got sick! Well most people got sick during shooting week- my body held out until a couple days after.

Brenda and I got Denny's on the Saturday after our last day of filming. I did not know how badly I was craving greasy american food. We had pancakes AND burgers! It was too much, but so needed. Especially after our celebratory wrap-up night. Those pancakes were so good. So good.
I got to skype with my friends one night and it was very needed! I get to see them so soon! It's been so long, but also so, so short. Right before I stopped by a bookstore and got The Luminaries which I've been craving since arriving in New Zealand. It is based in NZ and so I thought it was fate and that I had to buy it before I left. So I did! And also picked up a beautiful version of Jonathan Safran Foer's two novels- Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, and Everything is Illuminated. Soooo lovely. Sorry, suitcase.
Back in class again, we find ourselves napping and trying to stay warm! For lunch we keep going to Elliot Stables and getting healthy juices (and southern fried chicken and chocolate cake). I think the juice is what has saved me. I had one bad sick day where I was running around with a fever, but I recovered that night pretty miraculously. Thanks to juice.

So much juice.


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