The longest week ever finally happened in the last week of July (aka my birthday week!). We had our shooting week that lasted from Sunday-Friday. It was wild. I got to work with a professional Art Director to design our sets that took place mostly in a boxing gym. We constructed a kitchen out of trash! Working with creative people is so inspiring and I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with such cool people. AND they made me a fake birthday cake for my american birthday (I got to celebrate twice!). So cute.

One day I had to run down the street to buy some things for our set and I stumbled in to the midst of a rally. It was really intense and mind-opening to see all these people on queen st.

While we were all stressed and tired, we managed to have a lot of fun during shooting. I think we'll eventually look back on all of it with fond memories. One day. Ha!


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