Whit in Auckland

My best friend came to visit me in Auckland during my last two weeks and we did a LOT. Most of the first week I was stuck in school editing, but I found time to get out and explore Auckland! We went to the Auckland Art Gallery that's right off of Albert Park, which gives you lovely views through all the giant glass windows on the second floor. We stumbled in on an interactive exhibit, where people can write whatever they want on the walls. So we got down on our knees and added some quotes to the wall- mine is from American Beauty. Love.

Afterwards we were thirsty so we headed towards Elliot Stables to get a juice and an appetizer. But on the way we stopped into Smith + Caugheys (Auckland's fancy department store) and tried on some hats. We really should have bought some.

Later that week before meeting up with some friends we stopped into an asian dollar store. We both bought oven mits of all things.

Then I said a little goodbye to Lord Auckland in Aotea Square. We won't be seeing each other for a long while. :(


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