Pass me the mom jeans, please.

Now that I'm back in the midst of fall again, I have found my new wardrobe staple. High-waisted jeans. These are not new by any means, but the high waist and above the ankle style is something I didn't think I would ever be able to pull off. I have a short torso and not too long of legs, but I am still obsessed with these jeans. They make my legs look longer and slimmer and I will not complain. A couple of years ago I bought a mustard colored sweater. My friends (and mom, included) made faces. Then I put it on and got so many compliments. I love mustard. That's right. I do. My mom is still not a fan, but I have converted some of my friends. It's staying in my closet, guys.

Top--Banana Republic Outlet// Jeans--Madewell// Glasses--Warby Parker// Shoes-- Fake birkenstocks from Maude Boutique// Watch-- Michael Kors// Bracelet-- Brickyard Buffalo// Purse-- Kate Spade//

Can't forget my birkenstocks and michael kors watch. Favorites.


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