Second Week Home!

During my second week home (time flew!) I got to do some things that I very dearly missed. Chick-fil-A welcomed me back with open arms. I was so full that it made walking around the mall difficult. Good thing I wore a loose dress. That was the moral of the week- wear loose clothing to fit in all the food. Tex-mex, how I missed you.

After leaving Auckland, where I had to walk up and down hills at least 45 minutes everyday, I was determined to exercise when I got back to lazy Houston. So far, so good. Maggie likes to lay on my hair after I exercise, so we now each have our routines.

I've gotten to catch up with my favorite pets and favorite friends, so all is well here in Houston.

As you can see my bags are still packed incase I change my mind to go back to Auckland. ;)


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