Whit & Nithya's 25th Celebration

On our 2nd to last night in Auckland before our South Island adventure, we surprised Whit and Nithya with a 25th birthday dinner! We had yummy drinks and delicious thai food (who knew that I like thai food?) at Mekong Baby in Ponsonby. So fun! And both of my besties were surprised! We were taught some new traditions that include screaming when cutting the birthday cake, and feeding everyone a bite from the first piece of cake. These will definitely be integrated into my future birthday celebrations because they are hilarious.

The day after their birthday dinner, I got incredibly ill. I tagged along with Whit to the Auckland Aquarium where we got to see tons of penguins and giant manta rays. But it was a struggle. Afterwards we got lunch and I got straight into bed. We missed our short film's screening because I couldn't get back up. :( But luckily I recovered enough by the next morning to head to the South Island!

Whitney was a great nurse and bought me juice and medicine and forced me to take it all! What a way to spend her birthday. She is the best!


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