That time we Bungee'd.

Whit and I were strangely in agreement on one thing: we were going to bungee in the south island. We are generally not dare devils, but that is one thing you can't leave NZ without doing. So we did it.  We arrived to the HQ in Queenstown around 11:00 in the morning, before being weighed and put on a bus out to the bungee jumping location. As soon as we arrived we had to basically walk the plank out to the jumping station. The walkway swayed and I realized that I am a little scared of heights. Swaying walkways are not my thing. Then me and Whit decided to go first- so they buckled us in and backed us up to the edge of the platform. We weren't worried until we had to walk backwards to the edge of the platform. We got to go in tandem & it was so fun! I would definitely do it again! The drop was an adrenaline rush, and then the view was gorgeous. What a thing to do.

After we drove back to Queenstown, we headed into Fergburger- the famous burger restaurant. It lived up to it's fame and definitely sated our hunger.


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