Beautiful days call for beautiful outings.

The weather in Texas just took a major turn for the better. To celebrate that [and the end of my cal3 midterm] me and the boyfriend went to the park! We had intended to go to the zoo, but the park called to us first. So the animals will have to wait.

 The swings were way too tempting.

And there were "really big fish" which captivated the boy.

Hope you all had a wonderful Monday, and thank you for the comments. (:

What I'm wearing:
Zara Shorts and Belt
Gianni Bini flats
Thrifted Ralph Lauren button-down shirt
Modcloth bag & sunglasses


  1. how cute you and your boyfriend are! i absolutely love your flats also.

  2. Hi Abbey,

    I think you look so great! You can totally pull off that patterned blouse, something not easy to do! Wanted to stop in and let you know we appreciate you featuring our accessories!

    Gonna miss days in the park,
    Elisa at ModCloth

  3. These shots look so cute and I love your outfit!