School Daze

School sometimes likes to control my life. Most of the time I have to let it. So upon waking up to unnecessary fire alarms, and wanting to go back to sleep but class beckoning... I opted for a super comfy, casual vibe.
Then I came home and climbed into my pajamas.

Gotta love college.

What I'm Wearing:
-Earnest Sewn jeans
-Modcloth tank
-Forever 21 Sweater vest
-Gianni Bini flats [everytime I find these in my closet, I wear them multiple times in a row then forget them...]
-Modcloth bag
-Vintage locket


  1. School controls my life all the time. I know exactly how you feel!

    I love the blouse girl. The print is amazing and I adore the vest you paired with it! I'm slightly vest-challenged haha!


  2. loooooove the bag :)ya have a super cute blog here :)xo~ check out my blog & follow if ya like!

    ps-i have a giveaway, ends 0ct9 :)

  3. Fab school outfit! Enjoy a beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

  4. Oh this is cute! I don't know how girls wear dresses all the time. Jeans are where its at!