Study Break

So it's been an interesting weekend. Not very productive, probably because my genetics test wiped me out. Have a test comin' up Monday and Friday. So, prior to my beginning studying I decided to post some pictures from my weekend.

My mom needs a dress for a wedding, so we hit up the Galleria. She wasn't so lucky, but I was. :)

So that's what I wore for my little Zara shopping spree. Though I did get some make-up from Macy's too. But, that's not very exciting to look at even though I got a free gift... which ended up going mostly to my mother.

And um, you know how I was obsessing over these jackets... Well..
EEEEK. So happy. Thank you Zara. 

-Gap Striped Shirt [Mom was like 'oooh a bed shirt?' No, Mom. A regular shirt.]
-Earnest Sewn Skinny Jeans from Rue La La
-Urban Outfitters Sandals
-Modcloth Bag [NEW and i love it!] 

Time to get back to studying. Can't wait to wear my new shorts. Really REALLY can't wait to wear my jacket! [it could be months... this is texas.]

Happy Weekend bloggers!


  1. you can't go wrong with stripes AND your cross body bag is so cute! I was so happy that I FINALLLLYYY got one after lusting for one for months! Yours is cute!

  2. that jacket was such a great find!

  3. You look adorable. Glad you found things you've been obsessing over. That's always the best

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  4. love that top, looks so comfy tooo!

  5. Oh my gosh I adore your brown leather jacket. I want I want!!!