Lusting for Fall

1. Wardrobe Staple Cardigan from Anthropologie
2. Arab Scarf [for girls or guys. (: the boyfriend brought me one from lebanon and it's so comfy] 
[image of david beckham via]
3. Acne-Rita Leather Aviator Jacket There is major lusting here.
4. Small School Bag in Tribe Leather from Roots seen in Letters to Juliet [image via]
5. Delightfully Warm Tights in plum from Modcloth
6. What a Gal-lop Boot from Modcloth [lovin' modcloth]
7. Academic Path Wedge from Modcloth [WANT]

Of course along with these things, I'd need some dark wash skinny jeans, some skirts, many more tights, and tons of comfy sweaters... 


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