If I was going to New York Fashion Week...

I would wear this:

I would also have to bring my biggest fan, Lizzie, who wanted to be in my photoshoot too.

Anyways, this was a last minute idea before I left my house to come back to school, so it wasn't done with much finesse. There's not really a good place in my house to take pictures of myself, and I couldn't go outside unless I wanted to get leaves blown into my skin [people were working on our yard] slash be really embarrassed. 

Anyways, this is a vintage party dress from my mother's closet. Yep, momma's 80s party dress. I. Love. It. I need to get it shortened, I kind of just pinned it up for these pictures, it usually falls a bit above my knees. I think the tag says A.J. Bari, which if I'm not mistaken WAS a line by Kay Unger. So, neat. 

If I had been at New York Fashion Week fifty years ago, I would have worn this:

I bought this dress from a thrift store here in town a couple years ago. I had the intention of wearing it as a halloween costume as some girl from the 50s. However, I didn't want to wear it outside due to the kind of material and the pretty sequins. So, I never wore it. But, I love wearing it around my room. The skirt is so fun and flouncy. 

In other news, my camera really is a good camera... but, I'm better behind it instead of in front of it. Still working on the settings for self-timer. I really have no patience when I have to do two things [take pictures AND be in them], so I'll have to work on that. 

COUGAR FOOTBALL starts in less than three hours and I cannot wait. GO COOGS! 

For those of you who don't care about football- HAPPY NEW YORK FASHION WEEK. I hope it lives up to your wildest dreams.

[The shoes worn with both dresses are gray Kenneth Cole pumps with bows on the toes. AKA prom shoes.]

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