Sunday Funday and Goals.

For about two years, I've been reading blogs [mainly about fashion, some about interior design]. Since school started again, I realized I needed a new hobby. I've started a chain of changes in my life, and this blog is one of them. My wardrobe is getting revamped, and in the process I don't have the outfits that I want to post. Up until now, I've loved fashion from afar. But, now, with the help of this blog, I will hopefully have the confidence to buy things that the practical side of me probably wouldn't. (;

Anyhow, this is my Sunday lunch outfit. My physics test friday was killer. I think I did well, though. (:

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

What I'm wearing:
Earnest Sewn Jeans
Bakers Boots
J Crew Shirt
Mommy's blazer 


  1. This look is so cute and simple. Simple but chic. Very nice. Love those shoes!

  2. i love this whole outfit! can't wait to see more :) and your pink teapot banner is SO cute!


  3. I wish I could pull off blazers like you do! I look bad in them. Bad. Bad. Bad.I love oxford shirts though and yours is so cute :) you look simply CHIC!

    And yes, boyfriends ARE awesome :) hehe. I seriously talk about him too much I feel like. Oooooopsss :) My single friends just don't understand. hahaha.

  4. You look awesome!
    I am so[oooooo] with you about needing new stuff for the closet. It's just a slow process, I guess? But a fun one! And you're looking good in the meantime :)

  5. This outfit is great! Definitely something that I would wear myself.

    Blazer, short boots. What more does a girl need?