Awkward Poses

These were taken in under a minute, and unfortunately I wasn't in the mood for pictures... and there was sun in my eyes- hence the squinting. I'm a sucker for punishment so I figured I'd post them anyways.

Some positive things from the weekend:

Miniature horses, big horses with their noses in our car, beautiful creeks, shadows, and fields. 



  1. I have a top almost exactly like that, so cute!

  2. Aw, mini horses are darling in a funny way.

  3. oh my gosh, you're adorable!! that first photo is one of the sweetest i've seen in a long time!
    (plus i love the button-up with the patterned skirt--a totally lovely combo)

  4. You look too cute. :) Awkward poses add to the charm. Wonderful shots as well- looks lovely and the horses are darling!

  5. I've been having a hard time not squinting in photos lately! The sun has been so bright! But you look so lovely - that skirt's print is darling!

  6. adorable shots, i acutally like the silly poses, and your skirt is sooo pretty!
    oh and i saw your previous post with your new zara jacket, my friend got it and im really jaleous, its amazing!