Be My Thrill

Today I had plans for an actual photoshoot in the beautiful outdoors that is Texas. Unfortunately, laziness got the better of me when I was out with the boyfriend and we just ate lunch.... which was yummy, but that's beside the point.

It's been an emotionally rough week, and upon needing to get out of my tiny apartment.. I decided to stop by one of my favorite resale shops where I found...

and two blazers. One, of which, is BCBG and in very good condition. For eight dollars. Love Resale shops.

Please ignore my sinister look.

I got this sweater from Ross for 12 dollars. As soon as I wrapped the belt around it- I knew it was love. I've been looking for more sweaters since my old ones are beginning to look like cropped cardigans. Hehe.

Anyone have good tips on how to curl really heavy, thick hair? Cause' mine likes to pretend to curl, but really just hang. (; 



  1. Cardigans are the absolute best!

  2. PS. I don't have to curl my hair but I do have super heavy, super thick hair and I like to thin it out with thinning scissors or a hair-cutting razor.
    Have you ever tried either?
    Very magical utensils.

  3. No, I haven't tried them! Next week I'm getting my hair cut which will hopefully make my head a bit lighter.. if not, then I might have to get creative.. or lazy. (;