S-A-F-E-T-Y Dance

I know everyone in the world has a guilty pleasure song.. and right now mine is Safety Dance by Men Without Hats. I highly enjoy the Glee version, which makes me want to jump up and do the "safety" dance whatever that actually is...Anyways, I had a lovely Monday, which is a generally rare thing. I went to class, and then had lunch with the boyfriend. Unfortunately the rest of the next two weeks is going to be full of me burnt out on studying. But then it's Halloween- and then November! I love fall, and Houston's been getting a strangely early dose of it which is aaaaaaaawesome! This past weekend I got to enjoy my little two year old niece, who is the CUTEST little two year old in the world. Yes, I'm biased. But- she really is cute!

...We can dance, we can dance, everybody look at your hands! (;

[Get obsessed with Color Me Katie like me and the roomie have! (: ]

The view from my window looks ethereal! Wish I would have noticed that earlier, I would have taken advantage!

The Weekend:

Happy Monday! 

PS: I told you she's cute.


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    What in the world is the Safety Dance?

    And where did your shoes come from? They look really cool.

  2. Hahhh the safety dance is some weird 80s pop song that i stumbled upon cause' glee did a re-make. its hilarious. aaaand the shoes are from urban outfitters! Pretty cheap, at least as far as UO goes, too! (: