With the way you're dressed, you need some nature.

Finally, an outfit post! (With a strong lack of originality when it comes to posing.) 

I thought we got some shots from the back, but I guess I deleted those (Oops). I tend to filter photos after boyfriend goes all photographer on me. Though, he was telling me to get some different angles in.. guess I should listen to him. He knows what he's doing?

This little dress is my new favorite thing. It's comfy, WARM, and the perfect length on me. Okay, in the pictures it looks really baggy, but it's actually pretty fitted (except for the shoulders?). Boyfriend told me to get some shots from the side, but I suppose those never made it to the final cut (Again, oops). I got it from Urban Outfitters the other day, and I don't want to take it off. It's so cuddly. I might have to go and get it in the other color. Probably not. But a girl can wish.

 It was gloomy and chilly all day, but sometimes I feel like that's my favorite type of weather. As the boyfriend puts it- "crisp". It makes me want to go to the movies, or take a stroll, or do some shopping. Mainly, I suppose, it reminds me of the holidays. 
Speaking of, we saw some trees with pretty lights wrapped around them. Thought we would take some pictures there- then the boyfriend says "you should probably wait until it get's closer to the holidays to take pictures like that". He's already a blogger boyfriend! Sweet!

Much love, blogger friends. (:


  1. My friend has the same sweater, it's so cute on you!!

  2. I love your boots and your sweater! =]

  3. your dress is absolutely gorgeous! fab outfit :) x

  4. You look great in that dress!

    And Autumn said her email is autumn.lockett@me.com ;)

  5. You look so warm and comfy in that oversized sweater! I would just want to wear that and crawl in to bed and sleep in it! You make it look great with the perfect combination of your boots! SOOO , what I want to know is, where are the pictures of the boyfriend! If he is a bloggers boyfriend...he needs to make his blog debut!!! : )


    so cozy and plain awesome.
    seriously loving!

  7. i love your boots!!! and the sweater looks so cute and comfy!!

  8. you look beautiful!!
    i love the sweater and the boots. your style is comfy and chic at the same time. cool!

  9. this is such a cute sweater! you're adorable. :)
    love it!

    xx elanor

  10. Eeep! Totally in love with your dress! It's got the sweetest pattern, and the most darling color scheme!