Do you ever have one of those moments where you suddenly think "What am I doing?"? I do, and I'm not talking about sock revelations. I'm talking about serious, life-changing decisions. 
I had one yesterday.
It was very dramatic, and I think my parents thought I was going to fail out of school with how I was acting.
Not really the case. I should probably stop turning on the drama.
But, it was important to me. And  kind-of life changing.
I'm changing my major. Again.
And I can't wait.

We need to stop taking pictures when the sun wants to go down. I look so pale, and twilight-esque.
Thanks for all of your lovely comments. :)
And Lizzie
thanks you all too. She's a corgi/german shepherd mix. Yeah, I know. Weird. But she's the most adorable dog in the world. (We also have a daschund/lab mix. Awkward.)

Happy early Thanksgiving! I have three exams, a final, and a presentation next week so I'll be studying my butt off until then.
Love, love, love.

PS How I Met Your Mother is about to come on! Yesssss, any himym fans in the blogosphere? Cause' that would be Legen... wait for it,.. dary.


  1. Weren't you in love with the last Robin Sparkle episode?? HilARious ;)

    Can't wait to hear about what you've decided to do. I love the outfit. I think I have that skirt in a beige-y color. Gap?

  2. AH! I've changed my major 3 times! I'm finally happy with my major now which is web design. I start classes next semester :) Oh and I love your skirt! where'd you get it?

  3. I have yet to change my major, but I have feeling it's going to happen eventually. What is your major now by the way?
    That first picture of you is so cute! I love your blouse! And your dog is adorable <3
    Good luck with all your exams and presentation and have a great Thanksgiving! ♥

  4. I'm the biggest how i met your mother fan in the world. I'm like the annoying friends fans who can word by word each episode but it's a bit more impressive with himym as it hasn't been on for so long. Cute dog ;) good luckk x hivennn.

  5. I love the pictures. You are so adorable. I've changed majors too. Well I changed it once and finally stuck it out. But my job after university is no way connected to or even in line with what I chose for my major.

  6. What are you changing your major to??
    It's exciting, Abbey!
    I'm glad you're going to do something you want to!

  7. 1) you don't look pale
    2) what is going on? I'm calling you right now.
    3) Tell Lizzie Aunt Audrey loves her
    4) You are straight up gorgeous and I am in love with your outfit. You look skinnier :) and I'm borrowing that skirt when I'm home for Christmas with you!

  8. Oh my gosh you are so cute! I love that locket, it is gorgeous with your outfit!

  9. these pictures are adorable! not twilight-esque to me :) this outfit is super adorable! and I LOOOOOVVEEE HIMYM!


  10. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    I love your outfit here!