Some things I love...

1) I love studying all day and feeling a sense of accomplishment.
2) I love when my boyfriend tells me to watch something (when he doesn't know what's coming next) and then collapses into silent laughter, while I watch him amusedly. 
3) I love music. I love music. I love music. I love music. I love writing music, I love singing songs, I love listening to lovely melodies. 
4) I love my family. (Did I mention I have a beautiful niece, and today I found out that I get ANOTHER one!!?)
5) I love clothes (who doesn't?) and how they can turn a boring day into a day I'm ready to get out of bed for.
6) I love Vitamin Water (especially dragonfruit). 
7) I love baking.
(Speaking of...)
8) I love God.
9) I love the idea that I'm going to graduate next year. 
10) I love my friends, who are there for me through thick and thin. I'm talking about some extremely legit girls.

Obviously these aren't all in order, but they're all important to me (okay, vitamin water doesn't quite compare, but throw me a bone, okay?).

These cake bites via Bakerella are so unbelievably tasty. I went a little rogue from the recipe, but they still turned out yummy! And the best part- they are super easy! Except for the chocolate covering part. I'm not a pro at that yet, so they're a little messy. Oh well. Practice makes perfect. If you like baking, with a bit of a mess, these are for you! You definitely will get your hands dirty... unless youre a pro at household tools (which I am obviously not). 

Oh! Another thing I love- photoshop! So fun!
Lizzie kept walking into my pictures, making me giggle. She was a bit confused.

In other news, I convinced myself earlier today that it was Thursday. Then I remembered Harry Potter comes out Thursday at midnight, and got even more excited. Yeah, except it's not thursday. It's Wednesday. 


  1. Cute picture at the end! I can't wait for Photoshop for Christmas! and dragonfruit = the best!!

  2. adorable. i wish i knew even slightly how to work photoshop ;) x hivennn.

  3. I love the fireworks picture! Fun stuff :)

    What is your major?

  4. Those cake bites look yummmy! :)

  5. I love reading those facts about you, and that last picture is just amazing!! It's so natural how you're giggling at how confused your dog is! It's how half my pictures would end up if I was at home and not at uni =D She is a very cute doggie too =DDD

  6. ooh!
    I'm lovin your happiness. so contagious!

  7. what an adorable list :) And I love the last picture!!


  8. Your blog is sooo adorable!
    What kind of pup do you have!? I have a corgi/dodson mix and he looks a lot like yours :)

  9. Beautiful blog. :)
    That picture at the end is gorgeous, your dog is so cute!
    I also love baking! haha. I do it all the time. My dream is to own my own cupcake shop!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  10. I love photoshop too, this is a great post to read.

    Btw, I'm hosting a giveaway at the moment, would love for you to enter:

  11. my favorite is #8 =)

  12. ahhh i love photoshop as well. i love the fireworks you layered over your picture! and those cake bites look beyond delicious. send some over? :)

  13. that is such a cute picture at the end!! and the cake bits look so good!!

  14. I'm the luckiest to call you my BEST FRIEND! Thanks for the shout outs. I miss you...p.s. I will be home December 17 night time so I'll see you on the 18th. Ugh, I can't wait! Then we can do some double fashion damage to your blog. xoxo

  15. hahaha, you're so funny. I have photoshop too! It's a blast. I'm in love with it. I waste so much time on it, it's bad.

    You're lovely.

  16. just stumbled on your blog! Ah, those facts are so fun to read. Quirky facts are my faavvvv. I totally agree with #1. However, the worst feeling is when you're studying all day and YOU STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND A THING! (yes, I'm talking to you, Advanced Functions!)

    And I'm LOVING that picture. It's erupting with awesomeness.

  17. Well I was Interior Design but I had a revelation about a month ago and changed to Retail Management which gets me out 2 years earlier than ID. Then I'm going to probably get my midwifery license :)

    I'm pretty excited. Plans change. Life changes. It's all good though. It is nice to start to figure things out

  18. Very cool Photoshop photo. I love that you can study all day. I am lucky if i can manage 30 min. There are so many distractions in life so I praise you for that.