Four Shopping Days till Christmas.

The past four days that I've been on break have been different. Different good and different bad. Mostly good. Only a tiny bit bad. Not even bad. Just different. 
I've seen my friends and re-introduced myself to my old social life.
I've also taken up reading. Besides a bit of Christmas shopping, all I did today was read. I love reading.
Right now I'm reading The Hunger Games and it's so good! I finished The Red Pyramid in about two days. I read a bit too quickly for my liking, but what can you do?
I'm a shirt stealer. It's my mom's. I raid her closet when mine is boring. AKA dirty. And today, I was hot in this outfit. Texas is being mean. It teased us with cool weather and then took it away! 80 degrees? For Christmas? Not okay.
Other than reading, I haven't done much. The boyfriend and I re-learned how to play Sim City and have been dawdling on that. He's budget oriented and I'm tree oriented. Perfect balance.

What have you all done since break began? Or has yours even started? 

PS: Not much to say except that I really just want to keep reading The Hunger Games until I'm finished. It's that good.


  1. Since I'm not in school this year that means no break for me. But I don't mind. I know what you mean about reading too quickly-I buy books based on how long I think they will last me.

    Lindsey Soup

  2. Sim City, old days flashback, how fun! cute shirt, cant believe its your mums.
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  3. I'm working right up till Christmas Eve (early finish though) then have a week off and back in Jan, so my break hasn't started yet. I plan on doing as little as possible :)
    Love the boots.

  4. When I was little I used to get upset that I read that Harry Potter books too fast. Which is probably why I've reread all of them wayyyy too many times.

    Totally in love with those boots, lady!