It's here, you guys.
I never thought this day would come.
Today was a grand day.
Yesterday I started reading a book. A real book. Not a weird school book that you're forced to read in order to so-called "pass". (The Red Pyramid- I'm a Rick Riordan fan...)
Anyways, this morning I woke up and continued to read. Then my mom and I made a grocery list so we could bake. Wait, is this real life?
We went out and ate lunch with my dad. Then came home and started to make yummy things. 
I found a recipe here for Pistachio and Cranberry White Chocolate Bark. My dad loooooves pistachios, so I thought it would be fun to make him some. So, today I did. And guess what. It's delicious!
So this is my cooking outfit. After my last final on Thursday I curled up on my couch and watched the Glee Christmas episode. Then my practically-almost little sister called and said she wanted to watch the Grinch... So I threw on some tights and socks and headed over! Then I went back to my house and needless to say, I've been wearing this dress since Thursday night. It's not healthy. But, I'm lazy and I have no clothes here. Whatevs.
Oh yeah, then my bestest best friend in the world came home last night and I got to see her today! And then my other bestie came over with her brand new dog. I am so jealous and totally and completely in love. (New blog model, anyone?) Anyways, in the midst of the excitement I got new socks. I told you people of my love for socks. They are awesome and warm. And Ralph Lauren. YES.
Man, I love socks.

OH, and:
Happy Birthday, Kerosene Jesus. Wait...
Just kidding. :)

So thankful for all He has given me. 

And also, I can't believe I'm nearly at 50 followers. Glad you all enjoy reading my random (for lack of a better word) thoughts and musings. I enjoy reading yours too. :)


  1. That white chocolace bark sounds delicious.
    Cute socks, they look very cosy.

  2. congrats on your followers great post cute socks !!!

  3. lovely picture's!

    lots of love

  4. Kerosene Jesus...bahahaha. Oh Texas!

    And I need to write a post today to update. If you can do one on break so can I ;)

  5. i adore your blog and hope others quickly follow to join in on the excitement!! i love seeing ordinary people show off their not so ordinary side!!! love love love :)

    and ps... your pictures are AMAZING!!!