Winter Witch.

What is this? A post everyday?
This outfit was interesting. I found this dress, decided to wear it, then realized it was actually hot outside. I realized this halfway through putting clothes on. Hence the scarf and no tights. Oh well, this is what blogging is for. Trying new things. Anywho, I'm probably going to try out this dress again because it's so freakin' comfortable. Next time I wear it I might make it a shorter length with the belt. Lots of prospects...
I'm going to The Nutcracker tomorrow so expect a fancier outfit! 
Thanks for all the comments, once again. :)


  1. Lovely dress and there's so many different ways to style it, it's very versatile.

  2. The weather is always so full of surprises. I love that scarf regardless!

    Oh, so jealous you're going to see the Nutcracker! I absolutely love it. I'm actually about to watch it on DVD right now.

  3. Hello! great blog you've got!!! i just came across it and i went through all your posts, i have to say it's spectacular!love your style! check out my blog and if you like it follow me and i promise i'll do the same!

  4. I wish I could pull off long dresses! But I can't. You look gorgeous!! I love the simplicity of this outfit!