Somehow I convinced the boy to come & get me after his night class so that we could go get some froyos. He thinks it's ridiculous that I add an 's' onto froyo (so, of course, it makes me do it more often). I always stick to my perfect concoction of strawberry-kiwi and a dab of cheesecake on top, with strawberries, gummy bears, and cookie dough toppings. Delicious. John always forgets how good froyo is until he gets there and ends up with a crazy mix of nearly everything. To each their own.

John wanted to take a picture of me and after multiple minutes of hearing the autofocus work its magic, i was like okay, hand me the camera. John's like, "But.. I only took 2 pictures..". That's cool, John. Playing with autofocus and not getting any pictures of anything but your froyo cup is cool. It's whatever. ;)

Happy Monday night!

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  1. Omg froyooooo. Now I need some in my life. Damn you.