Ain't that the way.

Well, we're back with more iPhone pictures. Which just goes to show how much I need a smaller, lighter dslr camera bag. Because, simply, I am lazy. It's a lot of work to carry that thing around in my giant purse with billions of other things bouncing around. I need to streamline my life. Also, I am going to post more ranch pictures sooooooon. May I reiterate... I am so lazy. BUT, not really! I've got a project due for each class next week, so in actuality I've been quite busy! Two out of the four are done, and I'm hopefully going to be done with the third tomorrow morning (fingers crossed everything goes as planned). I have to have 3 minutes edited for our documentary, and that's whats terrifying me. In other news, back to my iPhone.
finalblogcollage1 I have started shopping almost religiously at Whole Foods. I've just decided that it's worth the bit of extra money to eat healthier, organic, food. Not to say you can't get it elsewhere. But if I head to our other grocery stores I end up walking out with a lot of... not healthy stuff. A lot of anti-organic healthy stuff. In my documentary class we're focusing primarily on food and man, has it opened my eyes. I can't pretend what I've been eating is okay anymore. I just can't. Luckily a trader joes has just opened up nearby, so we're going to be checking that out a lot more too. ----- I'm pretty sure I look like an alien with a cute necklace.----- I did not drink any of that crown... it was just a picture we sent my friend's boyfriend to make him jealous. A lot of cheesecake was devoured that night. ----- New haircut. ----- Pictures of the bayley on halloween. Doesn't she look thrillllllllled? finalblogcollage2

My new dress for graduation. I will be wearing heels of some sort in December, but I quite like how it looks with my boots. ----- self pic. why not. ----- text to my friend whit on people hating you when you turn 23. ----- this is pretty much what i look like all the time when I'm at home. laying in weird positions with a heating pad or ice pack. my back still hurts. :( ----- My fav quote from game of thrones is you know nothing, jon snow. John tried to quote it back to me & somehow it got intertwined with a cat reference. basically making it my favorite text ever. ----- speaking of cats. i finally tamed the beast. he fell asleep on his back with his feet up in the air. so cuuuuute.

Until later, friends.


  1. oh my god, i totally feel the same way with lugging my camera around! it's such a hassle, i really wish i could just bite the bullet and splurge on one of those pretty camera bags. arg, one day. and i love your graduation dress- that shape and print is so pretty :)

  2. some times i feel the same. my camera weights a thousand tons and sometimes i'm just too lazy! i love your dress! make sure to post pictures when you graduate :)