I took some photos of myself the other day with a bit of a cinderella feel in mind (theme shoots are fun, okay?). But, when I started to play around with editing.. I decided to quote Through the Looking Glass. Because I love Lewis Carroll's quirky writing. And I love Alice in Wonderland... maybe not the disney version...

whoamimuchness curiouser I couldn't decide whether or not to post these because, to be honest, I am not at the point where I ever feel finished with a photo. I'm still learning tons about editing and photography, so at the moment I'm just enjoying this whole process. Quite, quite fun. Especially when its on your own face. Anyhooooww these were quite simple to make in actuality-just a different background and some text- but I love them. So now I'm off my soapbox.


  1. Love this, Abbey! Also love the quotes, his book is so magical. I think you have to get your work out there, and at some point, you'll know when to stop editing and to let the photos be. It looks like you're definitely understanding that line, because these are great shots. Keep it up!

  2. Oh your cat is a real character! look at his (her?) face ! gotta love it :)
    i love this fun pics!! the third one is my fav!

  3. Ooh I like how these came out! Really dreamlike and cool! And the quotes totally tie it all together. x