My first book haul + blog video.

Helloooooo... and Happy Monday! The school year has officially begun for pretty much everyone! Eep! That means the boyfriend AND the roommate have started back in classes, which means a lot of weird feelings are coming my way! To combat these feelings I have picked up some books that I mean to read soon. I've also been youtubing it up all weekend, and decided to make my first youtube video! Its a book haul. Which seems kind of silly, now that I'm done with it. But if you're interested, it is posted below. You can skip the first three or so minutes because it is just me rambling about goodreads and their 2013 reading challenge that I have taken on. ANYWHO, after doing the video I realized I will probably have to review some of these books in the future. We shall see, friends. We shall see.
Check it out below:


  1. I love the idea to post videos!! & you're so good at editing your videos -- I'm jealous!

    xo, B

  2. I loved it and I think thats a very good idea! xx