the target one dolla section & my uniform of late

Oh hello there. Have you been to target lately? You haven't? Wait, who am I kidding- yes, you have. We have a lovely target near my parents house & an even lovelier one near my apartment that I can go to for whatever reason. Target has everything! Lately, I've been going for books & movies, but the past couple of weeks their one dollar section in the front of the store has been AMAZING. I cannot sing their praises enough. You need giant christmas bags? Classy glass bowls? An adult-sized elf costume? A snowflake headband? Garlands? Super trendy stationary??? Of course you do. Let me show you what I've gotten.

Lately I have been living in my zara leggings. Its gotten to the point where jeans feel like eight layers on my skin. Only leggings will do. Sorry not sorry about wearing leggings as pants. I have no shame. I found this madewell reindeer/stag sweater in the sale section & would wear it everyday if I could... wait, I have no shame. It's the perfect weight.

On ma lips is amethyst potion (Maybelline color elixir lip gloss), and I am lovin' the plumminess. I filled in my brows with benefit's brow kit. They still look pretty gnarly, but they are mine and I will love them. I'm wearing nars couer battant on my cheekies which is pretty much a dance team blush. I have to rub it in with my fingers to get it to settle down! AND YEAH. Watch the video above if you want to see all the goodies from target.

Or better yet, just go to your local target & get you some fun things.

Happy Monday!

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