A continuation of the weekend.

A little recap of the weekend in photographic form. I did a little christmas-y shoot for my sister's little family on Saturday. My 2 year old niece is growing up so fast! She is beautiful.

On Sunday I mentioned in my last post that I got to see my two best friends get engaged! I'd been talking to Andrew (the future GROOM) all morning to help figure out the plan. Last minute (right before the sun was going to set!) he decided on a bike ride. We waited behind a pretty bridge near downtown for them to arrive, and then quickly high-tailed it when we realized that whitney (hello future bride) could most definitely see us where we were standing. Luckily she didn't. But it was close. Real close. Then I snuck up on them, and with a little help from a fellow photographer keeping an eye out, I took the photos!

So that was my lovely and memorable weekend. Here comes another one! Last Friday before Christmas! And of course I had to go to the mall today. Besides the driving it wasn't so bad. I was in and out with a little bit of time to spare but I hate HOUSTON DRIVERS. I just can't. Okay. Have a wonderfully holiday-full weekend!!! xoxo

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