Christmas Eve Eve.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve.

(Photos from happy hour last week. Audrey's home!)

Its been a day. I woke up early this morning to go and venture to one of the most beautiful campuses in america to scout out some places for bridal portraits (for my future sister-in-law). She met up with us in her lovely dress and make-up and we spent a couple hours shooting away. I am now needing to edit everything asap.

I came home & tried to venture to freebirds because I was starving, and realized as I was walking in that I forgot my wallet in my other bag. So there was that.

I realized I'd be in a much better mood if I stayed in the apartment and didn't fall into the christmas hustle & bustle. I've been trying to catch up on Once Upon a Time, and I'm about one episode away from being done! Then its time to read. I have 8 books to read before new years!!!! How did this happen?! iFail.

Anyway. I still have faith.

Tomorrow I head home to the parent's house and the festivities will begin. :)

Happy Holidays!

(and Happy Birthday meredith!)

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