Skincare a la Abbey

So back in the summer of 2013 (so long ago, i know) I decided I needed to figure out make-up. I am one of those girls who did not grow up with a gifted beauty mentor- my mom showed me clinique, and my friends showed me straighteners. That was it. So every day in high school I wore my clinique tinted moisturizer, some black black black eyeliner, and some mascara. In those days eyeliner was more important to me than mascara. I cringe now. So, while my make-up habits have progressed since 2004-2008, it hasn't progressed much. SO this past summer I told myself I was going to learn how to do make-up right! It was time to become a real lady! This realization came to me at a bar when everyone's hair was perfectly curled and styled, and I was there with bedhead. So. I'm still not sure if I've learned as much as the girls who started applying perfect eye shadow when they were 13, but I am trying to keep up.

Now to the real point of this post- ever since I've been wearing a bit more make-up, I have found myself caring more and more about my skin. What a novel concept. Doing more than washing your face in the shower? What? What is life? [Cringing]

I started plodding around the internet picking up random tidbits about skincare. I bought my origins frothy face wash a couple months back along with a couple face masks and a new skincare lover was born. It actually started out with my beloved Mario Badescu. Gilt was having a sale of Mario Badescu products and I thought what the heck- and purchased a gel cleanser, some night cream, and a face scrub. Washing my face with my new cleanser made my skin look so. much. better. My mom commented on it- and you know when your mom comments on your skin looking clear- its clear. My mom is not shy about telling me whats going on in my life, so I knew something was working! Ever since then I've been a tad bit obsessed.

And honestly I'm posting this because I found the most amazing person on the internet- caroline hirons.

If you're an internet guru, you probably already know her. She is a skincare goddess, and miracle worker. MY SKIN, YOU GUYS, I CANNOT HANDLE.

Anyway- check out her blog here and take pleasure in the fact that we can all have perfect skin. ITS NOT A MYTH.

Anywho. What's your favorite skincare product right now? I want to post my faves soon. Because I know some of my friends want to know, and I love posts like that. SO YAY skincare. I can't say it enough.

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